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Composite Doors Huddersfield

Composite Doors - Supplied and fitted in the Huddersfield areas

With a wealth of technical experience and expertise, Reliable provide quality workmanship, using only high quality composite doors and of course all our work is guaranteed. Reliable also offer impartial advice and give each client a comprehensive service to suit their needs at a competitive price.

Offering superior level of security, energy efficiency, durability, Reliable’s composite doors are also extremely stylish. A composite door from Reliable is sure to add a touch of elegance to your property and improve the appearance of your home.

Reliable’s composite doors are solid and tough. They don’t have panels that can be ‘kicked in’, as with some ‘cheaper’ modern doors, as the composite core is encased in a hard-wearing thermo-plastic skin so they are protected from weather and won’t weaken over time.

A question we’re often asked when we have an enquiry for a new exterior door is, “What’s the difference between a UPVC door and a Composite door?”

Well, in our opinion it all comes down to two key factors; the ‘price’ and the ‘look’ of the finished door.

  • – Both door fabrics are energy efficient and have benefits of next to no maintenance
  • – Both usually come fitted with hinges, letter plate
  • – Both benefit from a Police approved multi-locking mechanism for added security
  • – Both come in a full range of design styles and colours
  • – Both can be fitted with a choice of energy efficient glass panels

However, let’s look in a little more detail, starting with UPVC exterior doors.

The reason the ‘look’ of the door is an influencing factor is down to the way they are made.

The construction has to allow for a sash frame (outer frame) to be fitted into the sub frame (inner frame) to fill the full width of the door aperture. This in turn gives the finished door a ‘narrow’ appearance, due to the way the frames are fitted together.

Additionally, the colour of the UPVC can change over time as it ages, and of course, UPVC doors are generally cheaper to buy than Composite doors.

The reason for difference in the ‘look’ of exterior Composite doors is again due to the door construction.

However, in the case of a composite door it is made as a solid piece, before fitting into a UPVC frame, therefore it can take advantage of the full door aperture width within the door frame.

Composite doors are more expensive to buy than UPVC simply due to the manufacturing methods used to create the durable composite material. They are super strong, with excellent thermal efficiency, and are available in a choice of long lasting colours with a wood grained finish.

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